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Computer-assisted (Minimal Invasive) Hip Replacement


Many studies have shown that hip replacements that are well-aligned and balanced are likely to last longer and feel recovered. It can shorten the hospital stay and minimize recovery time.

In computer-assisted surgery, a robot acts as an extended arm of the surgeon’s hands and eyes. The robotics help surgeons operate more efficiently through a smaller incision.

Dr DK Das is among a very high-class group of surgeons who has advanced training in computer navigation surgery.

Benefits of Computer Assisted Hip Surgery

  • Improved reliability of reconstructed limb length
  • Improved reliability of prosthetic component alignment
  • Fewer prosthetic hip joint dislocations
  • Shortens hospital stay
  • Very less recovery time (patient is able to walk within 3 days of surgery)
  • Increases the precision and accuracy
  • Decreases errors

Computer Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery

The video shows surgery using traditional instrumentation and computed assisted navigation.

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