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Revision Total Hip Replacement


Total hip replacement is one of the most successful procedures. It enables the patients to enjoy and live an active life. However, a hip replacement surgery may fail for many reasons. This causes lot of pain and stiffness in the joint and interfere with easy movement.

When the hip replacement fails then its recommended to perform a second surgery – Revision total hip replacement. The Total Hip Revision surgery involves removing and replacing a total or partial hip implant (prosthesis – body friendly implants) with a new one.

Revision Total Hip Replacement is recommended when:

Implant LooseningBreaks and infectionDislocations

Reasons leading to Revision Hip Replacement

  • Improper surgery done by inexperienced surgeon
  • Infection post surgical leading to loosening of implant
  • Trauma or injury post replacement

Revision Hip Surgery X-Ray

X-Ray showing Total Hip replacement (Left) and X-Ray showing Revision Total Hip Replacement (Right)


Revision Hip Replacement Patient Testimonial

Name: Mrs Zilla
Country: Afganistan
Problem: She had been operated thrice on her hips but there was no relief from pain.
Solution: Revision Total Hip Replacement


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