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Revision Total Knee Replacement


Total knee replacement is one of the most successful procedures. It enables the patients to live an active life. However, a knee replacement surgery may fail for many reasons. A patient’s knee can become painful, swollen, stiff or unstable, making it difficult to do everyday activities smoothly.

When the knee replacement fails then its recommended to perform a second surgery – Revision total knee replacement. The Total Knee Revision surgery involves removing and replacing a total or partial knee implant (prosthesis) with a new one.

Revision Total Knee Replacement is recommended when:

Implant Loosening & WearInfectionFractureStiffnessInstability

Reasons leading to Revision Knee Replacement

  • Improper surgery done by inexperienced surgeon
  • Infection post surgical leading to loosening of implant
  • Trauma or injury post replacement

Revision Knee Surgery X-Ray

X-Ray showing Total Knee replacement (Left) and X-Ray showing Revision Total Knee Replacement (Right)


TKR Patient’s Testimonials

Name: Mr A.N. Batra
Age: 79 years
Problem: Deformity, pain, swelling on both knees for last 9 years.
Solution: Total knee replacement


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